Facebook tips: It’s not just to hang with the cool kids

by assistx02 on September 22, 2010

Many businesses are looking to create a Facebook page, but they don’t know exactly why they should. When I speak to business owners they typically say something that, if translated into high school speak would be, “the cool kids are doing it.”

Unlike 80s big bangs, Facebook really CAN be cool for your business in the long term. But you must know what it can do for you and how to achieve those goals. For many businesses, the first goal is to attract new customers and target old ones. But there are two other great ways Facebook can assist your small business:

  1. You can drive users to your Web page and harvest their email addresses. Then you can contact them DIRECTLY.
  2. You can secure a coveted Facebook url that could launch your site upward in the Google rankings.

This was just one nugget of information I learned at this week’s luncheon for the Four Points Chamber of Commerce. The chamber started just this past February and has already grown incredibly. It reaches out to businesses in an area from Leander to Steiner Ranch.

Speaker Jane Dueease – owner of Market My Biz Online – shared many critical tips for small businesses looking to build their customer base using Facebook. As an Avail assistant, I can now apply these key ideas to your business.

Here are just a few highlights:

  • Before you start, know what you plan to achieve with Facebook. Define goals BEFORE you start your Facebook page. If you choose the wrong type of page, and there are several, you CANNOT change it to another type.
  • Facebook can be unwieldy. Facebook was designed to pick up girls, not market your business, but it can help you in both areas. Though improving, it’s not flexible and often changes without much notice. With that in mind, you may consider getting help when you venture into your endeavor.
  • Drive Facebook fans to your site. You may have thousands of “fans” but you can’t contact them without Facebook. Facebook owns that information, not you. Your primary goal with Facebook is to drive your customers to your web site where you can gather their emails and contact them directly without a middleman.
  • A Facebook url can improve your Google ranking. If you gather 25 fans for your Facebook page, you qualify for a personalized url. The existence of this link in a heavily weighted, highly trafficked site like Facebook can launch your business web site upward on Google. It’s even better if you choose that name carefully, linking critical keywords to your business.

Are you suddenly worried you’ve already made a grave error? Wondering how to get the coveted 25 fans? Overwhelmed at the prospect of even trying to do Facebook maintenance? Avail Assistants can help you.

Heidi L. Evans is an Avail Assistant who specializes in web projects and editing. All Avail assistants are trained in QuickBooks and complete Empowered Productivity Training. If you need administrative help for a few hours each week, an Avail assistant may be the right choice for you. Contact Marcia Weuve in Austin at 469-89-AVAIL or Marcia@AvailAssistants.com. For a complete listing of our services, visit www.availassistants.com

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